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Time for new brakes — which EBC combo will it be?

Time for new brakes — which EBC combo will it be?


One of the best changes I made to my 2008 Saab 9-3 Aero would be the front set of EBC pads and rotors I installed. The increase in stopping power was more than worth it. Now it’s time to replace the rears, which look and feel worn. I’m hoping these new pads and rotors, along with a new wheel hub will eliminate the wobble I’m starting to feel at highway speeds. That could also be an unbalanced wheel — something simple and inexpensive — fingers crossed.

EBC drilled-and-slotted brake rotors (Photo courtesy

EBC 3GD Rotors (Photo courtesy

As I mentioned I was very pleased with the performance of EBC’s USR rotors and Yellow Stuff pads, and after looking at Bosche OEM-spec replacements for the rear, I decided to take a look at EBC products. The difference in the total price is about $50-70.

Technically it depends on which way you choose to look at retailers total pricing: Eeurparts calls it “free shipping” with higher prices, and Kspecracing offers lower pricing with hefty shipping. I’m leaning towards ordering from Kspec, which also has better priced oil filters, which makes a difference when you buy your filters in bulk since no one locally has them in stock, ever.

The real question is which “stage” should I go with? Stick with the USR rotors and go with Red Stuff pads in the Stage 4 kit? I really loved the Yellow Stuff pads and the way they performed without any fade. The alternative Stage 4 pads, the Red Stuff pads, are supposed to create less dust — which is a factor when you have white wheels. Or perhaps I should try out the alternative EBC 3GD Series dimpled-and-slotted rotors. This is my first time seeing dimpled rotors, as I had only known of drilled and slotted, so that automatically makes them more appealing. I also like them a little more because they’re  cheaper to ship, so they must be lighter, right? The official difference can be seen in the following description take from EBC’s website: “Choose from EBC plain non drilled rotors or sport rotors in two choices — wide aperture GD Sport Rotors series for cooler running or new super silent Ultimax USR slotted series….”

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