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About Us CME brakes(brake calipers for you)


CME brakes is a branch of
CMEC group, one of the leading companies in China, one of the world top 500; supplying the
world with various kinds of machinery parts and equipments, has business relationship with more than 120 countries and areas in the world.

CME brakes is a company engaging in vehicle brake solution and industry use brake mechanisms.

CME brakes get involved in overseas aftermarket brake caliper and brake disc market in year 1999, exported about 1.2 million brake units in the past decade, proudly being the No.1 among China suppliers!

Supported by an excellent R&D team of about 30 staff, and full set of testing equipments including Link homologation test machine, we are able to do a turn-key job as long as customer offer their requests.

OEM Service & Quality Control

Our Q.C department is directly responsible to general manager and has one-vote veto on all ready-to-ship products, which greatly enhanced our QC efficiency.
Each brake caliper will be low pressure and high pressure tested before shipping out, for those calipers sold together with support brackets (carrier), caliper housing sliding force test is also 100% tested to avoid stuck.
For brake discs, all of them will be balanced to a max of 160gcm before shipping to customers, flatness and parallelism will be checked pc by pc.
During more than ten years experience in brake parts world, CME supplied about 1.2 million units of brake system (parts) to car makers or some unique function equipments suppliers in the world, while now OEM business is the most important part of CME brakes, we are already working with some Chinese car makers like FAW, supplying finished or half finished brake calipers presently, our goal is to make perfect and stable brake systems to substitute those imported parts, which will make our customer easier in doing cost control

Meet Our Staff

Nathan ZhuSales Manager
After finished his Master program Simulation Science in RWTH,I came back to China and join CME brakes. CME brakes is a branch of CMEC Group. Welcome to our new site. Please stop back often as the inventory changes daily. Best wishes. Remember, we can do anything anyone else can do only better!